SG Inspection, founded in 2010 and based in Berlin, is a service company for technical inspection and quality assurance. We act where customers need professional support for projects and products. Benefit from our service!

Competence & Know How

Competence & Know How

SG Inspection has the relevant expertise for technical inspections. This includes welding technology, pressure testing, corrosion protection, coating testing and occupational safety.

Sector Knowledge

Sector Knowledge

We work in all areas where our knowledge of technical inspection is required. This includes plant construction and power plant construction, but also process engineering and pipeline construction, production monitoring, medical technology and other specialist areas.

Quality & Service

Quality & Service

SG Inspection is your reliable partner for quality assurance. We carry out the measures agreed with you to guarantee the quality level independently and report regularly. You can rely on us!

SG Inspection

Your partner for Quality Assurance

Quality - crucial for success

Quality, the degree to which the product meets customer requirements. High quality at reasonable prices is the recipe for success in Germany. Ensuring a high quality for products and processes, now and in the future, is our mission.


SG Inspection contributes to this in the following industries


• Welding technology
• Environmental engineering
• Power plant construction
• Plant construction
• Mechanical engineering
• Steel works
• Shipbuilding
• Medical

You decide the quality criteria

You define your quality requirements – with our professional support. We implement your requirements. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of welding technology, corrosion protection, materials, surface technology and material testing.


We support all phases of the production or construction process and ensure that your quality requirements are reliably met. We also support you in fulfilling the work safety and environmental protection regulations. To ensure a high customer satisfaction, essential for your business success.

Not only you benefit from quality-assured processes, also your waste and warranty services are reduced to a minimum.

This are typical challenges that we deal with:

• Intermediate and final testing of products and systems for absence of defects, during and after manufacture and maintenance
• Inspection of manufacturing processes
• Control and acceptance of documentation, e.g. quality documentation
• Control and documentation of all production steps from material ordering to delivery
• Daily reports on quality and processes
• Coordination with suppliers
• Elimination of quality-relevant problems in production
• Consulting in all quality-relevant questions
• Improvement of quality-relevant aspects of product and production
• Reports on quality-relevant aspects
• Participation in coordination with project partners
• Supplier ratings based on quality
• Internal and external audits
• Coordination with internal and external partners


We can also ensure that quality requirements are met on site. Let’s talk about it. Get in touch with us.


Service for Quality Assurance – SG Inspection


The quality of the products is important for the success of your company. Find out how SG Inspection can help you with quality management!

We create Quality!

About the Founder

Stefan Grabe

Since 2010 I have been the founder and managing owner of SG Inspection, a company based in Berlin. Since its foundation, SG Inspection has worked successfully with many well-known companies at home and abroad. This way we make a continuous contribution to the results of our customers and business partners. You ask yourself why this is so?


The vision of a better world drives me and my company every day. From this vision comes our mission to contribute to a better future. This is why we at SG Inspection are committed to helping you achieve your goals, always in compliance with all quality requirements.


As a graduate engineer in the field of process and environmental engineering, I have acquired very broad specialist knowledge in all scientific disciplines. Since my interests extend far beyond my field of study, I have successfully completed a wide range of training courses that have gradually expanded my expertise in the area of quality and process management.


The training courses include qualifications as a welding engineer, as a pressure equipment inspector, as a FROSIO inspector for coatings and corrosion protection, and as an inspector in various processes in non-destructive materials engineering. These fields form my core expertise, which I have extended with various language training courses, including at Cambridge. Therefore I bring along professional qualifications and certificates to become your ideal partner for quality assurance, plant safety, inspections and project management.


But all expertise is useless without the human component. Quality begins in the mind and processes must function not only theoretically, but also in practice. In order to actively implement quality management systems, it takes a lot of understanding for the processes in companies and plants. Man and machine must interact and benefit from each other. Thanks to my many years of experience with many leading companies in the construction and operation of plants, I not only have the know-how, but above all the understanding of best practices and implementation.


I am proud to maintain a very trustful and close contact with my partners and customers. By working together on various projects, I have learned to constantly expand and improve my knowledge and skills. I have always realized that solutions are very individual – they are as individual as the problems and challenges of all my customers. My approach is therefore to apply proven patterns, but always to tailor them to the needs of my clients. I use a methodical approach, applying proven concepts such as FMEA, Kaizen, Lean Management and many more, but always considering your individual starting point.


Are you convinced about me and my ideas? Or do you doubt it? Either way, give me the opportunity to introduce you to the approaches of SG Inspection. You don’t have to rely on the opinion of our satisfied customers or on the number of completed projects. But we can help you get an idea of your systems and processes and define what we can do for you. My vision: The perfect combination of performance, sustainability, environmental protection and safety. Tailored to you needs, for a successful future.

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