Quality right from the start

Our clients place great value on quality, reliability and safety of their investments. We do everything to make it happen! When you want to realize future-oriented technologies, we are your trusted partners. We are committed to substantial and efficient strategies to protect health and environment.

Perfect execution of quality processes
We ensure that quality is maintained wherever it matters. This includes inspection of incoming goods, supervision of assembly and welding supervision. We take pressure tests, measure layer thicknesses and test pipelines.

In short: Wherever quality is important in industry, we pay close attention to compliance with criteria and limit values. In doing so, we ensure that all legal regulations on occupational safety and environmental protection are observed.


We document and inform
We record the results of the quality controls in documentation so that the traceability of the test results is always ensured. We check documentation for compliance with standards and the guarantee of correct test procedures. We clarify quality-relevant questions directly with the suppliers and partners involved. You do not have to worry about the details of quality assurance and can still be sure that all requirements are met.

SG Inspection - Your strong Partner!

Do you have any questions about our services or would you like advice on your project?

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